Ocean City Rocktoberfest

Rocktoberfest Information

Categories and Legal Sizes
* Rockfish 28" minimum
* Bluefish 8" minimum
* Tautog 14" minimum
* Flounder 19 " minimum
* Open Category (Heaviest Fish Other Than Those Listed Above)

Rules & Regulations
The Bahia Marina tackle shop and scales will be open around the clock to record weigh-ins and supply bait and tackle.

1. All fishing is to be conducted within the Atlantic Ocean & Sinepuxent/Assawoman Bay from the Verrazano (Assateague bridge north to south of Rt. 54 (Fenwick Ditch). Offshore fishing vessels must stay within 3 miles of land, federal limit.

2. All fish must be weighed at Bahia Marina by 5:00 p.m. that Sunday evening.

3. Lines in the water at 4PM Saturday until 4PM Sunday.

4. The tournament will be monitoring on VHF channel 72 (unless otherwise specified at captains meeting).

5. Participants in tournament should scan channel 16 along with the tournament channel to keep abreast of any marine warnings issued by the U.S. Coast Guard. Weather warnings should be heeded and captains should seek safe port.

6. Members are asked to practice common sense when using their VHF radios.

7. It is up to the participating captain to determine whether his or her craft is seaworthy for existing sea conditions.

8. Captain's and their crews are responsible for following all local, state, and federal fishing and boating laws. The captain is responsible for all members of his crew both on and off the seas.

9. "Rocktoberfest" reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or persons.

10. Boats may leave from any port, but must return by the boat that you entered in the tournament to the weigh station.

11. If you start the tournament in your registered boat and you have a breakdown, you will be allowed to switch boats for the remainder of the tournament providing that you notify "Rocktoberfest" or Bahia Marina of your actions.

12. All protests must be made no later than 30 minutes after the last fish has been weighed.

13. Any Tournament sponsor or their employees entering the tournament in compliance with the tournament rules are eligible for any and all prizes.

14. All hooks must be removed from all fish prior to bringing fish to the scale.

15. No other person on the boat may touch the rod, reel or line at any time once the fish has struck the bait.

16. All boats are responsible for getting their fish to the weigh station under their own power and on the boat that caught the fish.

17. In the event of identical weights, the first weighed shall be declared the winner.

18. The use of alcoholic beverages during a tournament is strongly discouraged by the management of "Rocktoberfest". Abuse could cause disqualification.

19. If there are any questions concerning bait or fuel, call Bahia Marina 410-289-7438.

20. The tournament will be recognizing all of IGFA's rules and regulations.

21. No anchoring in the no wake zone areas from 2nd street south to the south side of the West Ocean City commercial harbor.

Awards Banquet
Awards and prizes along with food and drink will be held on Sunday evening in the "Boat Yard" of Fish Tales from 5:30 PM until 8:00 PM. One cash award per category will be awarded. The banquet is only open to registered anglers. Additional banquet tickets can be purchased for family members of Anglers for $25.00 per adult $10.00 for children under the age of 12.

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